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Use the filter bar on the side to help you find exactly what you are looking for between the different sectors and types of products we offer. From the Age Check Certification Scheme store you will find our full range of products related to Challenge 25, No ID No Sale, 18+ Vape campaign and much more regarding selling age-restricted products.

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PASS Starter Pack
PASS Starter Pack produced by PASSCo Limited to demonstrate to staff and customers your support for PASS and that you welcome PASS hologrammed cards as valid proof of age.
PEGI Age Ratings Poster
Do you sell age restricted games? Are you compliant with the law? Ensure that young customers are warned that they will be challenged for ID when purchasing age restricted games.
Piercing Sexual Parts Poster
The law prevents anyone under the age of 16 from receiving piercing of their sexual body parts. Show your compliance and communicate a clear message to young customers that they will be challenged for ID.
Refusals Register
The ideal way to prove that refusals are being made in store.
Polish - Sunbed Health Information
Show that you comply with the sunbeds regulation act 2010. Bright, informative and eye-catching to be placed in immediate view on entering your sunbed premises.
Scotland Over 16? Illegal to sell spray paint to anyone under 16
Notice as required by The Antisocial Behaviour etc (Scotland) Act 2004. Comply with the law and display this great quality poster in store to warn young customers that they will be challenged for ID.