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Use the filter bar on the side to help you find exactly what you are looking for between the different sectors and types of products we offer. From the Age Check Certification Scheme store you will find our full range of products related to Challenge 25, No ID No Sale, 18+ Vape campaign and much more regarding selling age-restricted products.

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Over 18? Tattoo Proof Of Age
Show that you comply with regulations and are committed to ensuring that children don't make a mistake by having a permanent tattoo.
Over 18? Use of a sunbed
Do you own a sunbed shop? Are you compliant with the law? Show your commitment to ensuring that children don't have access to the harms associated with using a sunbed.
Parental Consent for Piercings
A must for any premise or salon that carries out piercings. Show that you comply with the law.
PASS 'Five Step Check' poster - (Scotland)
•Display the PASS 'Five Step Check' poster in your staff room or in public •Brief your staff about the Young Scot Card and Pass so they know what to look for
Over 18? Sunbed Restricted Zone
Notify young customers that you have an age restriction in place when entering a particular part of your tanning salon. This poster shows that you comply with regulations, and your commitment to protecting children from the harms associated with sunbeds.
PASS - Booklet (Scotland)
Important Information for Retailers & Licensed trade. 20 page Pass booklet includes refusal form to help you accept valid Young Scot cards as proof of age.