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18+ Vape - A5 Reverse Window Sticker

Specifically designed for Vape stores. Makes a great statement at the entrance to your store. Show that you have a policy in place and your commitment to protecting children from the potential harms of vaping.

18+ Vape Badge

Ensure that all of your staff are excersising due-diligence with age check warning badges. They act as a continuous reminder and forwarn any young customers that they will be challenged for ID at the point of sale.

18+ Vape Citizencard Leaflet Dispenser

Strong and sturdy holder for your Citizencard Application forms (sold separately). A great way to handle conflict when refusing a sale.

18+ Vape Poster : It's not personal, It's the law!

Display this poster to send out a message to customers that it's not personal, it's the law when challenging for ID. A4 poster designed specifically for Vape stores and shows your commitment to protecting children from the potentially harmful effects of vaping.

ACCS 1: 2020 Technical Requirements for Age Estimation Technology

ACCS 1: 2020 Technical Requirements for Age Estimation Technology

Advanced Practitioner in Age Restricted Sales Enforcement

The aim of this two-day course is to provide advanced practical training for anyone engaging in or contemplating under age sales enforcement. The course will include live test purchasing in a retail environment in the local community.