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Over 18 To Enter These Premises Poster

Ideal for use at the point of entry to any gambling outlet. Eye-catching and notifies young customers that they will be challenged for ID. A great way to help to avoid confrontation when carrying out age-verification.

Over 18 To Pass This Point Poster

An ideal way to show that you are compliant with regulations. To be used at the point of entry to any gambling area to warn young customers that their proof of age will be requested.

Proxy Sales Poster (England, Wales & Northern Ireland)

Issues with proxy sales? A clear message to your customers about the consequences of buying alcohol for a child.

Scotland Proxy Purchasing Poster

Protect young children and make your customers aware that there are potential consequences when buying on behalf of a child.

Scotland Underage Purchasing Poster

Striking red, eye-catching poster. Warn young customers of the potential consequences for attempting to purchase alcohol. Help protect your licence!

Under 21? 'Look Under 21' Gambling Warning Poster

Show your commitment to protecting young children from the harms associated with gambling and help protect your licence by complying with the law!

Under 21? Offence To Gamble Poster

Display this warning poster to notify young customers that they are committing an offence if they attempt to gamble. A must for you if you want to deter minors and protect your licence!

Warning for Proxy Purchasing Poster (Welsh Language)

Show your commitment to protecting children from the effects of alcohol. Warn your customers that they face a fine if they purchase alcohol on behalf of a child. Display this sign in the immediate view and deter adults from being irresponsible.

Challenge for ID? Abuse to Staff

Help protect your staff and licence with this warning poster. No-one should be abused just for doing their job!

DL Under 25? Age Restricted Products - Shelf Sliders

Exercise due diligence and notify young customers that they will be challenged for ID when purchasing age restricted goods/services. Help protect your licence today!

Energy Drinks Poster

By being a responsible shop owner and adopting a voluntary age restriction when selling energy drinks, you are able to reduce the harm caused to young children.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Date of Birth Verification Poster

To be placed near the point of sale as a reminder for you, your customers, and your staff.