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18+ Vape - A5 Reverse Window Sticker

Specifically designed for Vape stores. Makes a great statement at the entrance to your store. Show that you have a policy in place and your commitment to protecting children from the potential harms of vaping.

18+ Vape Badge

Ensure that all of your staff are excersising due-diligence with age check warning badges. They act as a continuous reminder and forwarn any young customers that they will be challenged for ID at the point of sale.

18+ Vape Citizencard Leaflet Dispenser

Strong and sturdy holder for your Citizencard Application forms (sold separately). A great way to handle conflict when refusing a sale.

18+ Vape Citizencard Leaflets x 50

Exercise due diligence and help your company remain compliant in age verification. A great way to handle conflict when refusing a sale.

18+ Vape Manager's Guide

An essential guide for Vape Store proprietors or managers. A5 sized booklet.

Age Verification Regulatory Sandbox Scoping Day

Upon booking your scoping day a full copy of the Regulatory Sandbox Trials Guidance written by Age Check Certification Scheme will also download to compliment your scoping day with our team. The purpose of the research phase is to provide an opportunity to understand your business processes and the technology to be used in the trials. We will also use the information obtained to develop the methodology and the cost for the tests. Our Lead Scientist and Business Manager will work with you to help you to plan and design your evaluation, which can help you to avoid errors that may lead to problems with validation at the end of your evaluation activity.