Age Restricted Sales - The Law in England & Wales (2nd Edition)

The Book Age Restricted Sales - The Law in England & Wales - Second Edition is an authoritative and comprehensive legal content on all aspects of age-restricted goods and services.

An authoritative and comprehensive legal text on all aspects of age restricted goods and services in England and Wales.

The book, now in its 2nd Edition, covers everything from alcohol to tattoos and includes a full schedule of all 238 age-restricted goods and encompasses the latest changes, such as e-cigarettes, TV on-demand services, sunbeds, video games, and social networking. The 2nd Edition also covers all of the changes to surveillance powers brought in by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and the Better Regulation Delivery Office Code of Practice for Under Age Sales Enforcement. The book cross-references all relevant case law, official guidance, and legislation with a guide as to relevant factors for law enforcement officers to consider.

It is an essential text for anyone engaged in underage sales enforcement or corporate compliance departments focussed on avoiding underage sales. It is set out by reference to the broad categories of age restriction and separate chapters on establishing a 'due diligence' defence and the powers and duties of law enforcement officers.

Age Restricted Sales is the only comprehensive and authoritative legal text on the subject and will be an essential book for trading standards officers, licensing officers, police licensing officers, solicitors, barristers, corporate compliance departments, community safety officers.

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