18+ Vape Badge

Ensure that all of your staff are excersising due-diligence with age check warning badges. They act as a continuous reminder and forwarn any young customers that they will be challenged for ID at the point of sale.

Designed by Age Check Certification Scheme Ltd for vape stores, but would be suitable for any premises selling age-restricted products.

Size 54mm. Comes in various pack sizes to suit your premises. 

Striking colour and design which makes quite the impact. 

Great quality and well made, these badges can help protect your licence in your battle to remain compliant. 

Works best used along with our other 18+ vape products. 

Please note: if the pack quantity that you require is not listed, please speak to a member of the team, we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.


Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Country GB
Sectors Retail & Licensed Premises
Language/Legislation English
Product Type Vaping

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